Enchantment Children's Parties

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Our characters are hired solely as entertainers, we do not provide discipline in any way.  If a guest is ill, disruptive, unruly or a distraction to the other guests they will need to be attended by the host parent if their own parent is unavailable.  Enchantment Children's Parties is responsible that all (or most) of the guests are having an enjoyable time.  Enchantment Children's Parties will not sacrifice the enjoyment of all for the disruption of one.  Please mind your kiddos!  Thanks!



Enchantment Children's Parties will treat your home and / or party venue with complete respect.  Enchantment Children's Parties is not responsible for damages caused by party guests.  Financial responsibility will be on the client for any damages caused by guests to the assets of Enchantment Children's Parties while we are onsite at your party.

Please review the policies and procedures below prior to booking your party.  Upon scheduling your party a complete list of party policies and procedures will be sent to the individual booking the party as well as a contract that will need to be signed and returned before the booking process is complete.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason if you have any questions, concerns or special needs.  Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Enchantment Children's Parties endeavors to make the experience for each guest as memorable as possible.  Our guest numbers are designed to give the children the optimum experience.  If you have more than the recommended number of child guests, please contact us and we will advise you as how to best handle the situation, if you are over by one it is not likely to be a problem, if you are over by five then we will likely have to come up with another solution.  Adult, teen and infant guests are not included in the guest counts.  Unexpected guests over the recommended number without prior approval will result in a charge of $15 per unexpected child guest.

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Please be sure to reserve a special parking spot for your character, our characters bring all of the supplies and materials with them for your party and generally they are in large and cumbersome costumes.  It is very helpful if the character can have just a short distance to come with all her gear.

Allergies/ Special Diets

Enchantment Children's Parties is not responsible for any allergic reactions caused by food or accessories supplied by the client or their guests.  The client is responsible for inquiring about any allergies, special diets and/or medical needs of the guests.  If Enchantment Children's Parties is providing food or drink for your event and a guest has special needs, please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate their needs.


Policies and Procedures

Number of Guests

Time Considerations

Our princesses have strict schedules, the clients party timeline must coordinate with the scheduled time frame given by Enchantment Children's Parties.  If lunch or dinner is to be served, please schedule that before or after your character visit so that you receive the full experience of your party.  It is important that the client starts their party at least 30 minutes prior to the princesses arrival.  We want to make sure that any latecomers have arrived prior to her arrival at the door.  A magical moment can be ruined by seeing a princess get awkwardly out of a Honda instead of a carriage.  Clients must refrain from disrupting a performers start time and not delay her from leaving.  If you decide, during a party, that you would like the princess to stay for extra time, that time is billed at $60 per half hour and is only at the availability of the character (they are often booked for several parties during the day and this will be case by case dependent).

The person/ persons hosting the event is responsible for providing a safe environment for guests and is responsible for any injuries sustained by guests.  Enchantment Children's Parties is not responsible for any injuries sustained by guests.

We recommend booking your party 4-6 weeks in advance for the best selection of dates, times and character availability.   Full payment is due 48 hours before the party is due to take place.    Parties can not be rescheduled within 48 hours of the party date/time.

Party Booking/ Cancellations